The Benefits of Clear Braces

It is important to note that clear braces and solutions like Invisalign are not the same thing. The Invisalign system is a series of removable trays used to straighten your teeth. Clear braces on the other hand are structured similarly to metal braces that are adhered to your teeth. The only real difference is that they are made of a transparent material or ceramic designed to blend in with your teeth instead of the classic silvery toned metal. Clear braces are a great option for those who would prefer a discrete look but aren’t a candidate for Invisalign. They aren’t particularly noticeable, creating a more appealing overall aesthetic. Plus, they are suitable for nearly any orthodontic need and may straighten your teeth more quickly than the Invisalign system is able to do.

Sapphire Braces (Or Clear Braces)

Clear braces are also called sapphire braces and they are recommended for people with very white teeth. The braces blend in and basically disappear on the teeth. They are strong and generally don’t stain, although the ligatures are slightly prone to stains especially if you drink coffee, smoke, or drink red wine regularly.

Sometimes metal braces just aren’t what you’re looking for, and ceramic braces are a great alternative! Here at TS Orthodontics, we can determine the best fit for your needs with a complimentary smile analysis. We offer a lot to our patients including same-day appointments and after-school and after-work appointments so you don’t have to disrupt your whole life to straighten your smile.