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Welcome to Braceline

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Welcome to Braceline

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Welcome to Braceline

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40+ Years
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India’s 1st excl. chain
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About Braceline

Braceline Orthodontics Clinic

Braceline Orthodontics is India’s 1st Exclusive Chain of Braces Clinics. Braceline is a one-of-its-kind chain of specialty orthodontic clinics catering to wide-ranging facio-dental ailments, right from overbites to occlusions to poorly aligned teeth and jaw; facial aesthetics and others.

Our patients can take advantage of various treatment options to meet their needs, including:

  • Metal Braces
  • Invisalign Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
Our Services

Service we provide

Dento-facial Treatments
Smile design to bite correction to surgical orthodontics & others.
Dento-facial Products
Fixed, metal, lingual, ceramic, self-litigating braces and invislingers.
Teeth Whitening
In addition to orthodontic services, a host of regular dental services.
Meet The Orthodontist

Our Expert Doctor

Team Details


BDS, MDS, Orthodontics

M.S. Ramaiah Dental College and Hospitals, Bangalore
Mamata Dental College, Khammam

10+ years as an academician at various colleges across India

TMJ treatment, Lingual Orthodontics, Jaw Growth Modulations, Myobrace Modern and Traditional Orthodontic Treatments

Gold Medalist (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh)

Hyderabad Orthodontic Society Group
Indian Orthodontic Society
World Federation of Orthodontics, Fellowship
American Association of Orthodontics
Telangana state Dental Association


Have Any Questions? Feel Free To Ask.

You’re never too old to begin orthodontic treatment — but if you start at an earlier age, your problems may be easier to treat. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child who may need orthodontic treatment should come in for a first visit around age 7.

It’s different for each person, but generally the active stage of treatment (that is, wearing braces or other appliances) may take from 6-30 months. After that, a retainer is worn.

Orthodontic care is a long-term investment in your health and well-being. Yet its cost hasn’t increased as fast as many other consumer prices, and many financing options are available that make orthodontic care affordable. Weighed against the true cost of living with problem teeth, orthodontic treatment can be a wise investment indeed.
Our Testimonials

What Our Patient Say About Our Caring

I had been searching for a dentist for a while that I would trust for my Invisalign treatment.I hated the fact that every dentist I was visiting was being so pushy. And then I finally found Braceline. Such a great patient experience from start to finish. Welcoming staff, competent hygienists, detailed treatment explanations.

Nadim Khan


Was referred by my daughter and I loved the service that I received. The team is excellent, they explained everything and answered all my questions. I left feeling confident about my smile and will return to complete any treatments. I highly recommend Braceline.

Vijay Babu


I can’t say enough good things about this place. The Doc’s are super nice and super professional. They’ve taken care of my smile for 10+ years now! Totally love them for it; have improved my life for sure.

Sai Krishna


I had a great experience with Braceline. The environment was clean, neat and well organized. The atmosphere was friendly and filled with positivity! They gave me an amazing experience! Can't wait for future appointments.

Afrah Rafi


This is the best clinic ever! All of the dental work I have had done here has been amazing, and that includes regular cleanings, invisalign, bonding, whitening, and everything in between. Plus the staff are all friendly and wonderful.

Pravallika S